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Weight Management Kits, Injections and IV add-ons available upon request.


IV fluid and electrolyte only. Helps acute rehydration not relieved by oral intake of fluids.


For athletic performance and revery before or after a grueling event, tough race or killer workout. Beneficial to long endurance activities.


Combination of expedited IV hydration, medications for pain/nausea and additives that help eliminate your hangover.


Boost your immune system while fighting a cold or flu. Provides powerful antioxidants. Combined for optimal energy and immune function.


Boost mood and ease discomfort from cramps, bloating and other PMS symptoms.


Boost your cognition, increase your attention span and focus. Helps with mental acuity and focus.


Fortifies skin, hair and nails.


Provides energy and resets the mind and body.


Used to manage symptoms of chronic medical conditions, such as asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and migraine.

Additiona Add On

> B12


> Zinc

> Glutathione

> Vitamin D

> Vitamin C

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