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Enrich Your Body With Nutrients

So many of us live hectic, busy lives. Although quick-fix meals and fast food are convenient, they don't provide our bodies with the correct amount of vitamins and minerals.


Leah Kay Niemeier, R.N.

Hello, I am the proud owner of IV Infinity Rehydrate. We are located in downtown Cherokee, Iowa and my staff and I have a combined IV experience of 20+ years.

Our infusions are FDA approved and we are overseen by a certified Medical Doctor. 

If you are looking for a boost of energy, better sleep, relieve digestion issues, recovery from an athletic performance, cure from a "long night" or overall general health and wellness in your life, IV hydration may be right for you.


IV fluid and electrolyte only. Helps acute rehydration, not relieved by oral intake of fluids.

For athletic performance and recovery before or after a grueling event, tough race or killer workout. Beneficial to long endurance activities.

Combination of expedited IV hydration, medications for pain/nausea and additives that help eliminate your hangover.

Articles about IV Hydration
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